Do you dream of an engine that burns no fuel and runs for several decades provided it is periodically serviced ? That is what you get from your Tavannes mechanical watch, designed to run 24 hours a day for several generations.
With a mechanical watch, only your attachment to the masterpiece you have chosen can render you attentive to the natural ageing of the lubricants and seals; do not wait until it stops to offer it the rejuvenating treatment it deserves.
If you have opted for a quartz watch, the battery life reminds you at regular intervals that it is time to entrust it to the watchmakers of the Tavannes Watch Customer Service.
How to take care of your watch?
The Tavannes Watch Warranty
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How to take care of your watch?
  Please avoid:
- magnetic fields (magnets, loudspeakers, etc)
- hard knocks (manual work, extreme sports, etc)
  Rules to abide by:
- follow the instructions for use
- follow the regular maintenance instructions
- if your watch has to be wound by hand, do it at a regular time
- if it is water-resistant, make the water resistance service every two years
The frequency of maintenance servicing depends on a number of factors. It is predominantly influenced by the wearer’s activities and environment, by temperature and humidity, by violent and repeated accelerations, by thermal shocks, blows, etc.
The size of your watch is also a determining factor. The smaller the movement, the more frequent the servicing.
The Tavannes Watch Warranty
We guarantee your watch against any manufacturing defect for a period of two years from the date of purchase. For your warranty to be effective, the store where you purchased your watch must complete and sign the warranty forms, indicating the date of purchase.
You may benefit from an extended warranty of three years by :
1) having purchased the watch after the 1st of January 2008.
2) completing the form on the "Register your Tavannes" web page
Warranty conditions
The warranty does not cover: shock-related technical faults, abnormal use, poor handling, work on the watch other than in Tavannes service centres, failure to comply with the water-resistance check or service requirements.
Leather or fabric straps are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for three months. They must not be immersed in water or any other liquid. Prolonged exposure to the sun or to a source of artificial light can alter the color. Contact with cosmetic products or sweat may change the structure of the material and the color.
A problem with your watch? Let us know here.
Please fill out the form on this page and explain you the problem you have with the watch. We will contact you in order to let you know the next steps.